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Empower’s business continuity strategies are meticulously crafted to rapidly resuscitate your network, minimizing downtime and swiftly returning your workforce to peak productivity. At Empower, we understand that the backbone of exceptional security is a robust backup system. With an automated “air-gapped” safeguard that archives essential data as often as every 15 minutes, you are prepared for any contingency. Should a complication arise, file recovery is swift, within approximately 30 minutes, or alternatively, our resilient system can assume the role of a virtual server, maintaining your operations with no perceptible interruption. In the face of catastrophic events, our remote server backup stands guard, ensuring your data remains intact and impervious.

Every business needs a business disaster recovery plan. Empower can help.

Get Back to Business

Servers crash, networks fail. It’s going to happen. But with our virtual server engaged and deployed, we’ll have your systems up and running again in mere minutes.

Recover Vital Email

Take advantage of our email recovery feature for Microsoft Exchange and recover those important messages from days or even months ago.

Keep Data Safe

Whether it’s a fire, flood, earthquake or theft, devastating damage to your physical location is always possible. But if the worst happens, our remote SAS70 Type II and HIPAA-compliant data centers will have your data and records safely housed offsite so you can resume operations quickly and easily.

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Empower helps ensure the availability of data and applications across your entire enterprise.

Get in touch with us for a free consultation with one of our data backup and recovery experts. We’ll review your current systems, assess your business continuity needs, and identify the service options to best meet them.