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An AI-Based Platform that is a Shield for the Entire Enterprise

Empower’s suite of cyber security solutions, featuring next-generation firewalls, always on vulnerability scanners, AI-based endpoint threat prevention, near-time threat intelligence, and other acclaimed network security systems, is engineered to thwart ransomware, block encrypted threats, and shield against phishing attempts across all networks, whether wired, wireless, or mobile.

As businesses of every size pivot towards network convergence and cloud-based services to spur growth and enhance customer experiences, the need for robust network protection becomes crucial. Empower offers a comprehensive portfolio of managed security services designed to fortify your network’s defenses at a competitive price point.

With Empower, you’re not just deploying security; you’re investing in a proactive defense strategy that puts your organization ahead of the threat curve.

Empower Security

Entry points to your network may now include employees’ laptops, desktops at home, and their personal smartphones. Empower’s team of cyber security analysts knows it is more important than ever that you secure your network and data against sophisticated, modern-day threats.

Advanced Threats

Advanced threats are increasingly sophisticated, employing tactics that evade standard security measures and stealthily compromise systems. To counteract these risks, organizations need a robust, layered defense strategy that combines advanced detection, real-time monitoring, and adaptive threat intelligence.

Wireless / Mobility

Mobile assets are the lifeline of modern business, demanding ironclad security to ensure continuous, safe operations. Empower’s Zero Trust framework offers a best-in-class solution, ensuring rigorous authentication and relentless protection for your mobile ecosystem.

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Support Before, During and After a Breach

In the critical moments during and after a breach, Empower acts swiftly to mitigate damage, providing 24/7 incident response and remediation support. Post-breach, we stand with you, fortifying your defenses and guiding you through recovery to resilience, ensuring your organization emerges stronger and more secure.

In the event of a breach, Empower’s security-first approach ensures immediate action to control and mitigate impact, prioritizing a swift and safe return to business operations. Following an incident, our dedicated support extends beyond recovery, focusing on strengthening your systems against future threats to prevent recurrence and enhance resilience.

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